Andromeda Partners provides high-calibre independent advice and corporate services to companies, boards and their advisors, working closely with our clients to devise innovative solutions covering the following areas:

Initial Public Offering/Equity Raising

  • Running the due diligence process and verification
  • Prospectus preparation and drafting
  • Providing prospectus sign-off to the board
  • Managing engagement with ASIC, ASX or NSX
  • Preparing listing application and any listing rule waiver requests


  • Continuous disclosure training for directors and senior management
  • Continuous disclosure services including developing a suite of policy and procedure documents
  • Specific and ongoing continuous disclosure advice
  • Market integrity rules and disciplinary procedures advice
  • Advising on director and officer insurance policies
  • Review employee share or option plans and the chief executive officer’s contract

Investor Relations

  • Ongoing investor relations advice including managing shareholder activism
  • Assistance with identifying and honing key investor messages
  • Preparing senior management for investor presentations and Q&A sessions
  • Identifying and targeting potential investors

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) engagement

  • Identification of current and emerging ESG issues
  • Engagement strategies and resource requirements
  • Interaction with proxy advisors and shareholders
  • Reputation management

Transactional support

  • Debt and equity issues
  • Acquisitions, mergers and restructuring

Other services

  • Company secretariat functions